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6 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe During A Remodel

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Got everything figured out, huh? The designs have been stamped and approved through your city, you moved most of your furniture into storage, and the construction crew is coming in a few hours. The one thing you haven’t thought about is Sparky in the corner and how he gets squeamish when you vacuum - imagine more noise?

Tip #1: Give your pet a good workout

If you have a dog, we recommend going for a morning run. Not only do you get some good exercise in, so does your dog. It would be beneficial for everyone if he was just too tired and slept through the whole process.

Tip #2: Stay aware of open doorways

We’ve had several pets run away. Do we blame them? Not at all. If a doorway is open while a door is being taken off/put on, always monitor your pet. Create a barrier, use a cage, or put them in a room with a working door while the remodel is going on.

Tip #3: Drown out loud noises

There are few things more annoying than hammers and drills. If you are locking your pet in a room, put on some calming music or background sounds. We recommend some rain sounds or anything similar to what you usually hear on a spa retreat.

Tip #4: Elevate wires

Small puppies usually get into wires if they’re the sneaky type. A renovation is all they need to accidentally chew on a wire and mess up not only themselves, but the whole electrical system. To keep everyone safe, elevate any exposed wires or just put them out of reach. Thank us later.

Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to board your pet

There are plenty of boarding options for your pet that actually feel more like a vacation. Try the PetsHotel at Petsmart. If you’re local to the Houston area, try Rover Oaks Boarding. This will be sure to tire them out and give you and the workers some space.

Tip #6: Keep food bowls away from the worksite

I’d hate for a wood chip to end up in my plate of food, and Sparky will feel the same. Not only does it not taste good, it’s a choking hazard and can seriously damage internal organs if swallowed. Hide the food bowls and empty them. When Sparky returns, give them a food wash just in case. If your pet is in the home still, leave the food bowl in a room with them.

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