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Hire The Designer.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Are you currently thinking about changing something in your residential home? Looking to make a new addition? Don’t understand anything about the permit process?

Hire The Designer. Here are THREE reasons why:

  1. Design Your Dream.

Other than being our tagline, this is what you really want. Discuss your lifestyle with our team so that we can make sure you get everything your heart desires. We’re trained in different aesthetics and know our way around the permit process to get you what you need.

  1. Project Management.

At DAF Group, our design and project management team keeps your construction within your budget. Looking for something energy efficient? We can do it, so leave it to us.

  1. A Strong Network.

Are you looking for some interior design? Need an engineer? A builder? We have a talented list of consultants we’ve worked with time and time again.


The year is almost coming to a close. What project do you want to get started on for the new year? Schedule a consultation here.

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