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How Designers Help You House Hack

Do you have space on your property that can fit a shipping container? If that’s the case, you can 100% turn that space into a temporary rental, like an Airbnb. Shipping containers can run you anywhere from $5,000 - $10,000 depending on prior use.

Here are the benefits to a shipping container guest house:

  • Expandable - Add on if you ever need/want to

  • Semi-Permanent - These structures can be moved

  • Uniformity - They all look the same

  • Low Cost - These containers aren’t expensive at all

  • High Quality - One word: sturdy

  • Fast - You can save time putting this on your property


Duplexes are two units in one building. If you’d still like to live on the property, rent the other unit out as an Airbnb. If you become a professional house hacker, you’ll most likely have another property where you plan to stay. If that’s the case, rent both of them out.

Call up our designers at DAF Group to help you remodel if needed. You can turn one bedroom into two!

Don’t have space to shove a shipping container into your backyard? We get it. Renovation are key.

Renovate a Garage

Dance Studio

Do you have any hidden talents? Do your kids take dance classes? If not dance classes, we’re sure their obsessed with TikTok, and converting a garage into a dance studio, or mirror room, will keep them occupied.

Photography Studio

If one of your quarantine passions became photography, get some equipment and convert your unused garage into a photo studio. Not only would you be able to use it for yourself, you can rent this out on Peerspace for some ancillary revenue!

If you haven’t seen our previous article about house hacking, click here.

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